Taylor Swift says it right with, “Players gonna play, haters gonna hate, heart-breakers gonna break, fakers gonna fake.”  I would like to add one more thing: Statist gonna state. The President of the United States just gave the The State of the Union (SOTU) Address. This is an annual speech that is given every year by the President of the United States to a joint secession of congress. This means both the house, the senate, and an estimated 42.6 million Americans are going to listen to what the president has to say. This speech is inherently statist, meaning that the president is going to tell the congress about problems in the country and how the government should fix them. President Obama does not have a good track record with these speeches considering the follow up from these speeches have resulted in political gridlock.

During the 2015 SOTU he outlined his planned to make childcare and community college free, raise minimum wage, increase war in Iraq, loan out billions to foreign country, and increase regulation for Environment. Of course he had to add his notorious, “we will pay for all this through taxing the rich”. It should be known by now that when President Obama says something about a payment and the amount it is never true amount. As we saw with the Affordable Care Act, none of his plans are actually affordable. Since the beginning of the implementation of this “Affordable” legislation the cost of healthcare has gone up 5.6% per year while the average house income has gone down $2,000 a year. Now let’s review some of these new “Affordable” plans.

The first was his idea that education should be free for daycares and community colleges. It is clear that the problem is the cost of these institutions. The reason that these schools cost so much is because government has been involved with the prices. Many parents that use pre-schools can only afford them, because of vouchers. Yet, the reason they are so high is because vouchers paid for by the government under pay for the schools. These schools then have to raise the price for parents who pay for it out of pocket. This way the pre-school is able to afford to pay their teachers a living wage with good health insurance. Most are failing to do that.

Colleges have the same problem. In recent years, federal loans have created a safe haven for students to spend an average of 6 years at college. According to a new report from the Center for College Affordability and Productivity, federal student aid “contributes to skyrocketing costs, finances a wasteful academic arms race, weakens academic standards, lowers educational opportunity, and worsens the underemployment/overinvestment problem.” Using more government programs is only going to make this financial crisis worse for college students.

Then President addressed the problem of wages for the lower class. The president suggested passing laws that would increase minimum wage all over the country to $10.10. Then on top of that, forcing employeers to pay for sick and maternity leave. All while adding in that women need to be treated more fairly. There is evidence to suggest that when taking otherwise homogenous units (accounting for continuous years in the workforce, number of hours worked, total years experience, etc.) of men vs. women, the women actually earn higher incomes than men. But that does not matter to a statist, because if you do not believe in raising minimum wage then, according to Obama “members of congress should live at $15,000 a year and see how they like it”. I suggest that Obama live at an hourly rate of $10.10. If that is not enough then we should raise minimum wage to whatever he makes. Last time I checked, that statist makes $400,000 a year, which is significantly higher than minimum wage, so much for equality.

Next the Commander in Chief said that he would like congress to make a formal declaration of war against ISIL. This is the president that has touted for many years that he was the one to bring the troops out of Iraq. He now wants to end his presidency where he began, a war in Iraq. Too many Americans have died for that country. It is time that we cut our losses and let them figure it out for themselves. It is not fair to bankrupt our country and take our solders lives anymore. It is hypocritical to say that you support our troops then send them into these senseless unwinnable wars. There is chaos in the Middle East and the US government is only making matters worse i.e. ISIL is worse than Saddam Hussein.

Do not fret! The statist will not win! Even the the President admits that programs/regulations that have been around for 50 years and have not improved are going to go away. First, he would like to start with opening up trade with Cuba and removing the 50 year old embargo. As communism fairs due to free trade, maybe this president will see that we should end other failing 50 year programs: Medicare, Medicaid, and other welfare programs.

As always comes the promise that we will end torture, drone strikes, and GTMO. Reports have surfaced that torture and GTMO prisoner population have both gone down under President Obama’s reign. But don’t be so quick to celebrate. As the torture and the illegal imprisonment have gone down, the targeted killings have gone up. Drone strikes under Obama have increased 6-fold from Bush! He has authorized the killing of 3,000 people overseas, 10% have been civilians. This government program has been expanded to allow for the killing of Americans. It should end along with GTMO and torture.

All statists believe that their plan for fixing America begins with a good idea and ends with violence. All of the programs that Obama suggested will be enforced with guns. This is why the IRS is armed with AR-15s. The military with drones. The CIA with water and boards. If the president was truly worried about making America a better place he would bring our troops home. End our military involvement in the Middle East and around the world. He would suggest to congress to deregulate the market, so that it could innovate and produce more products and jobs. To make education better is simple. Allow teachers to be the professionals that they are trained to be. Stop trying to micro-manage their classrooms with politics. It is high time that Americans gain their freedom back from the statists.