When spreading ideas there are primarily two ways to get people to join you. First, you can make them afraid and they will follow you out of fear of what is going on. The second, is to excite them by spreading your passion. Both can be effective, but I think that the latter is the more preferable one for the liberty movement. When someone becomes passionate about a cause then they do not need a leader, they will lead themselves. When people are afraid they want their leaders to protect them and they will blindly follow orders. If the leadership fails then the movement fails. The liberty movement is about the individual not a person or a group of people.
From this perspective, one of my best friends and I have started a Young Americans for Liberty group on the University of Cincinnati’s campus. Our goal is to excite people about liberty. We can do this through positive and negative forms of activism. Positive forms of activism include satire, dunk takes, games, and fun conversations. Negative forms of activisms are civil disobedience, protests, and video taping police. Don’t get hung up on the term positive and negative, both are needed in a movement. The positive and negative are the emotions felt by the recipients of the activism. Are they happy, excited about what you are doing or are they pissed off at the abuse of authority? For people in the liberty movement it is the difference between Jeffery Tucker (positive) and Adam Kokesh (negative). Both are fantastic leaders and we need both types!
We have chosen to excite people through positive activism. I would like to share my examples and hope that other people would share their successful forms of activism (positive or negative).

First is Officer Frisk. This character came from an promotional idea for a “Know Your Rights” event. I went around dressed in a Reno outfit promoting the event. We had a lot of success and people joining our group so we decided to keep it up. The latest Officer Frisk was explaining how the NSA is violating our privacy. The two videos are posted below:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7mtW8Y0txU]


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0equ8bJGsLE]

We also have done some tabling. The first one was the “Free Speech Wall”. We made a big board out of a dry erase board and let everyone and anyone write what they wanted. It is interesting the people you meet and the conversations that take place on the board. This event caused the biggest boom of growth in our group.


The last event event that we did on campus was a “Pin the Drone on the Map”. We blind folded people (voluntarily) and they took a pin to posted it on the map. Then they won a piece of candy if they got it on the place we droned. If it was not a country we droned we explained that we had x amount of bases/troops in that country. I was amazed at how many vets came up and talked to us about how they disapproved of United States’ foreign policy.


Through these events I have been convinced that this is my passion. I love getting out there and talking to people about these issues and making them aware about what is going on. I also love writing. Doing the things that you are most passionate about is important to living a fulfilling life. So get out there spread the liberty message and remember to post it so your passion can inspire others!