When starting a campaign, there are 4 essential questions a team must answer. What do we say about ourselves? What do we say about our opponent? What do they say about us? What does our opponent say about themselves? Something is incredibly wrong when all of those answers are the same. That means that your opponent believes what you are saying about yourself is hurting you. Currently, we are seeing this trend with presidential nominee Rand Paul’s supporters.

People for and against Rand Paul are claiming he is a lone wolf, and it is simply not true.

Many Paul supporters are saying that he does not work with Congress. He stands against everyone in government. If it were not for him, Congress would run crazy with NSA overreach, extend the Patriot Act, and keep militarizing the police. “Rand  Paul is All Alone in the Senate.”

It is an exaggeration; that is not even true, and it is NOT helping the Paul campaign. Rand Paul has the support of many congressmen. He has more endorsements among lawmakers than any other presidential nominee.  At midnight on Saturday, Mitch McConnell could not lead 60 senators to go against Paul. It is important to note that McConnell (Majority Leader in the Senate) might disagree on this issue with Paul, but he has endorsed him as president.

Paul has worked with Republicans and Democrats to allow parts of the Patriot Act to expire. During his 10-hour filibuster, he had 7 Democrats and 3 Republicans join him. Paul is no lone wolf.

When we say that he is all alone, we associate him with radical and extremist beliefs. It plays right into the “Wacko bird” phrase that John McCain and Lindsay Graham love to use against Paul.

Supporting the supreme law of the land is not an extreme position. These politicians that oppose the Constitution are the ones on the fringe. Most Americans believe that their phone calls and emails should be kept private (4th amendment). That government should not interfere with our guns (2nd amendment) and as long as you are not hurting anyone then you should be free to say and do what you want (1st amendment). There are only a small number of lone wolves that disagree with the Constitution.

Most people in America believe that war should not be our first option. We find that there are a few lone wolves like Lindsay Graham and John McCain that have promoted going to war with 13 different countries. Now that sounds extreme!

On the other hand, Paul’s foreign policy is closer to Ronald Regan’s “Peace Through Strength”. The policy is best described by exhausting all forms of diplomacy before resorting to military action. It is a policy that is most effective at saving our troops from unnecessary violence, increased debt, and unintended consequences.

In recent years, we have seen the result of letting a few lone wolves go crazy with the wars in the Middle East. We have seen in Iraq and Libya how rash decisions to remove evil dictators has the unintended consequence of creating safe havens for Muslim terrorists, like ISIS.

Most Americans and politicians are hesitant to support military intervention. It is not a radical belief to have a peaceful foreign policy. The only people always supporting violent intervention are Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Lindsay Graham. They are the lone wolves.

Paul’s foreign policy is about reining in foreign aid to countries that burn our flags. He supports sanctions on Iran and would have Congress vote on going to war with ISIS. A radical pacifist does not endorse this type of foreign policy, but it has also been condemned by the most extreme war hawks in our country.

When it comes to reining in the NSA almost all the presidential nominees and American citizens agree with Paul. He says that the NSA should not be allowed to monitor all Americans’ phone calls, text  messages and internet traffic. The highest court to hear the case has agreed with Paul that what the NSA is doing is against the law.

The FBI recently remarked that the Patriot Act that allows for the bulk collection of cell phone and internet data has not led to preventing any major terrorism case. The NSA has reported that in their yearly internal audit, they found 2,776 instances of employees abusing the privacy of citizens. The majority of people look at these facts and agree that we should end the program of bulk collection.

Now different senators and congressmen have argued about the most effective way to end the bulk collection. Paul has flexed his leadership skills in sparking a debate to end this data collection. He filibusters twice last week which led to the senate postponing the passage the Patriot Act or the USA Freedom Act, both which continued bulk collection of data. Paul is leading the Senate to allow this program to expire.

America does love the underdog story. The story of an unlikely hero who beats all odds to fought the evil empire and saves the people. There is a reason that we don’t have true stories of these happening in real life. They are fantasies. The reality is that true heroes learn to work with all sorts of people to fight for freedom. The next time you are tempted to call Rand Paul a lone wolf, remember that he and his campaign titled his new book that comes out on Tuesday; Taking a Stand: Moving Beyond Partisan Politics to Unite America.