Like many of you I like to leave my house right at the last minute. This morning I left with 5 minutes to spare for coffee. As I got onto the highway I turned on my favorite radio station. They said that both major highways were at a standstill, because of some nasty wrecks. Who has time to plan for this sort of disaster?

Waze does!

Waze is the cutting edge GPS app that does so much more than GPS. The difference between good companies and great companies is the little bit extra you get. When I turned on Waze and spoke the address I needed, it rerouted me around the traffic. A lot of GPS apps can do this, but Waze has its users update to tell others about what is going on.

The community among Waze users is extraordinary! By simply pressing two buttons, you can notify all other Waze users about traffic jams, construction, wrecks, gas prices, and police locations.

This is by far my favorite part of Waze. It allows users to update when they see events on the road that are hindering traffic. Nothing hinders traffic more than a government employee trying to find reasons to steal our hard earned money.

People have always used gadgets that help notify them of police officers: CB radio, radar guns, even buying non-suspicious cars. Now we have found the most efficient system, working together through Waze. This efficient system has affected police revenue to the point that police are lobbying for a ban on the application.

Now the police cannot directly say that Waze is removing revenue from their budget. That would not be politically incorrect. Here is the correct reason that is given for the ban, “if you’re a criminal and you want to rob a bank, hypothetically, you use your Waze.”

There is no evidence whatsoever that criminals have used Waze to commit crimes. Yet, there are 50 million users in 200 countries using this product to help them navigate the roads.

If the police are concerned about the safety of citizens on the roads they would stop the revenue stream produced from tickets. This would result in more warnings and fewer tickets. This type of legislation would improve the relationship between citizens and police. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of feeling scared every time I see a police officer for fear that I broke some obscure law.