Common Core testing begins in February of this year. These series of tests are called PARCC and they are all on the computer. Currently, no teacher, parent, or student has had a say in PARCC or Common Core. These standards and tests have been bureaucratically passed down from Washington to the Governor Kasich’s office directly to your local public schools.

On January 29,  Representative Jim Buchy proposed bill HB7, which prohibits negative consequences for students who opt out. It also provides the option for students to opt to take the tests at a later date or never take these tests at all.

If bill HB7 passes then students would have different options to graduate high schools. They could take PARCC, ACT/SAT, pass a job skills assessment, or earn an Honors diploma.

Assessments are important in education. It helps shows the parent and teacher what a student is learning. Our current cookie-cutter style of assessments are not fair to students. Each student is different and we all know that one test is not a fair assessment of every single student. If you are a parent or a teacher I highly suggest that you go to the PARCC website and try to take the test for yourself. They are awful!

What can you do about it?

You can help HB7 pass the Ohio State House of Representatives by calling or emailing your Representative. When you contact your representative ask them to support HB7 by signing on as a co-sponsor.

If you do not know who your State Representive’s name? Look-up by Zip Code HERE.


You can call 800-282-0253 and they will forward your call.

This information was provided to me by Ohio Rising below is their contact information