In America when we hear the words slavery we instantly think of a time long ago when whites owned blacks. This was a horrible stain on our countries history, but to think that this is the only type of slavery is to serve injustice. Currently, in our world we have many forms of slavery known as human trafficking. This form of slavery is illegal, but there is a legal form of slavery that we have here in America, called conscription.

Conscription is the process of building a military out of slaves. When a government cannot convince people that they should die for their cause then they start putting guns to heads and give them the choice: fight or die. In America we have a voluntary military, but every male when they turn 18 is forced (punishments include $250,000 and 5 years in Federal prison) to sign up for the draft. This is  the government’s way to have quick access if it is ever deemed “necessary”.

The United States has deemed it “necessary” to use a slave army five times in our history. The first time was during the civil war (ironic they used slaves to end slavery). The second and third time it was used was during the World Wars when the State could not rally enough troops to fight in the European wars. Then the last two times they were used in Korean and Vietnam. So 4 out of 5 times American lives were not even being threatened yet they were still being called a “National Emergency”.

Some people reading this will disagree and say that the government should be able to produce a slave army. They will say that it is our duty as a citizen to fight for our country. But our nation’s foundation is freedom. It is what we say we are fighting for. If our government owns our lives (or at least the men) then how are we  free? Now the response is usually “freedom is not free”. Yes! You are right it is not free, but we were not fighting for American freedom in WWI, WWII, Korea or Vietnam. Let’s face it we are not fighting for American freedom in Iraq, Afghanistan, or in any of the 150 countries we currently have our troops in. This “freedom fighting” is properly called Imperialism.

People should never be treated like property. This applies to government just as much as it does to people. The government cannot be above the law, especially the law that outlaws SLAVERY! I know that the idea of a draft sounds ridiculous to most people, but so did the idea that the government was listening in on our phone calls. (And if it sounds so ridiculous then why do you have a problem with taking it away?) With our current tensions with Russia, China, and North Korea it would be wise now to take away our government’s ability to use slaves when they cannot raise enough bodies for their wars. . The people’s voice will be silenced when the government is without restrictions.