There has been a voice among the parenting community promoting the ideas of ‘peaceful-parenting’. This is non-sense and should be treated as such! These hippies need to learn that we live in a war infested world and thus need to prepare our children for violence through violent conditioning. All these parents are doing are teaching their children to be weak. The truth is that fights are not finished by reason they are finished with fists. Not only do we need to condition our children to fight they must also be taught to be obedient to their superiors. It is permissible for them to fight among themselves, since that is inevitable, but our children should ALWAYS follow authority. This is the problem with society today! Children are never taught to obey and thus they are getting shot in the streets. If you want to solve this problem you should spank your children into unconditional obedience.

If you are into researching parenting styles, I suggest that you stop. The “evidence” is all non-sense. For example, there was a recent study done on stay-at-home moms that spank their children. The study asked moms to wear a recording device. They found, “spanking was far more common than parents admit, that children were hit for trivial misdeeds and that children then misbehaved within 10 minutes of being punished”. Many parents have read this study and are contemplating changing their response to their children’s destructive behaviors. This is an insane decision for several different reasons.

First, parents should hit their children often, because children are stupid and need to be reminded who is in authority. There is a new wave of hippies saying that parents should be teaching their children morality instead of obedience. What do they want? Anarchy?! Children are not moral and we shouldn’t expect them to be. They are evil beings and should be punished into submission. When they submit then they will learn morality. This way they will be good citizens providing for the greater good of everyone else. Parents who teach their children to think differently or for themselves are a hindrance in society.

Next it does not matter how ‘trivial’ the misdeed. A child should obey all orders. All acts of disobedience should be dealt with harshly. This is best seen in society where a person who is carrying a deadly drug like Marijuana is put in prison for years. If they allowed this non-sense our country would turn to chaos! The same applies in our homes. If a child is allowed to resist orders then they will soon turn criminal. We as parents have a responsibility to make sure that our children do not question authority. My favorite phrase at my home is, “because I said so”. If they back talk to that then they are spanked immediately! How could anyone possibly think that a child should be allowed to think for themselves? Or that we should not try to reason with them. Police do not reason with citizens neither should parents with children. This is the way of life. To question it is to be insane.

Finally, the reason that children in this study were found to be disobedient within 10 minutes of spanking their children was because they are not spanking frequently. The study showed that most parents only think they spank their 7-36 months old up to 18 times a year. After being recorded they were actually spanking them 18 times a week, 936 times a year. If your child is still not listening after that, then you are not hitting them hard enough. If they back talk you smack them in their face. Some of these doctors would “advise against it”, because their “brains are developing”. Well clearly they are not developing correctly or they wouldn’t be back talking authority! Parents need to be making sure that the children are experiencing a massive amount of pain during the spankings or like this study shows, they will just do it again.

Other studies have shown that children that are spanked are more fearful and aggressive. These are not negative behaviors. Children will not obey unless they are fearful and other children will not obey them if they are not aggressive. The bible says, “Whoever spares the rod hates their children”. Some children, as seen by the study, will still not listen in which case we should refer to the next verse from the bible, “‘This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious. He will not obey us. He is a glutton and a drunkard.’ Then all the men of his town are to stone him to death”. We cannot have people in our culture that are rebellious or free thinkers. It is dangerous! We need to purge the evil from our children and make them obedient by spanking no matter what the research shows.


This is a satirical piece by Michael Esch who is a strong advocate for peaceful parenting. If you are interested in learning more about peaceful parenting then you should click here.