Last week Facebook took away the ability to send messages through their official App. If you would like the feature of messaging then you had to download the app called “Messenger”. The Messenger app is not new, it has been around since 2011. The controversy around the app is two fold. First, users do not want to use up space and two apps for one social network. The second and more prominent reason is around privacy. To download the app you have to accept these terms:

These privacy concerns have various implications. Facebook can do whatever they want with the information from your phone. The logical reason for this invasion of privacy is that they will use the information to target ads. We see this when we Google search items and then go to Facebook. The other concern is that last year Edward Snowden released documents that the NSA is using a program called “Prism”, that saves all information that goes through the Facebook network. If Facebook is recording your phone calls, text messages, pictures, and location then that means that the government has this information too.

Now to the part that you care about: How to fix the problem?

1) Go to the app store and uninstall the Facebook and Messenger app (I rated it one star to make a point, but that is not necessary)

2) Select your browser on your phone (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) and pull up

3) Sign in and select your option button

4) Then select “Add to Homepage”.


Now you have an application button on your phone that will allow you to access Facebook without having to give up all your privacy. Some phones will automatically populate a Facebook icon. I found that Apple and LG will populate a Facebook icon, but Samsung does not. If the icon does not appear correctly you can simply download a icon changer app and change it to whatever your heart desires. Now you can successfully use Facebook on your phone without giving up your privacy.