The United States is commonly referred to as a Democracy. A democracy is where people are allowed to vote and majority rules. In theory, the United States is founded on the ideas of a Constitutional Republic, which means that majority does rule, but they cannot trample on the rights of the minority. In practice the United States is an Empire. The president, military and police force are continuously gaining an exponential amount of power in this country and in the world. This is clearly demonstrated by the reaction that our country has had towards the development of the Middle East.

Last week, President Obama announced that his military will be using air strikes against an group called, The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, IS, or ISIL. This group was formed during the Syrian civil war. Most will remember how the Obama Administration and the war hawks in May of 2013 tried to get us involved in that war. The leader of Syria was accused of using chemical warfare on his citizens. The United States was going to ally with the rebels (ISIS) to help them fight the dictator of Syria. The American people made a clear stand and said that we did not want to ally with people that were beheading innocent civilians and that we were tired of being in the Middle East. The Obama administration responded by arming the rebels (ISIS) even though it was known that they were committing vicious crimes against humanity.

Soon with the support of the United States, ISIS began to gain ground in Syria and quickly moved into Iraq. In June of this year ISIS entered Iraq and attacked the city of Mosul (population 1.8 million). The city was defended by Iraqi soldiers who had been trained by US troops. ISIS at this time had less than a thousand people in their militia and Iraq had 30,000 troops in Mosul. The Iraqi soldiers left their weapons and ran out of Mosul with little to no resistance. This gave ISIS even more US military equipment such as humvees, tanks, and allegedly one Blackhawk helicopter. This victory for ISIS demoralized the Iraqi people and helped gain supporters for ISIS (Sunni population).

During this time the President Obama decided to send 300 “Military Advisors” which meant special forces (Navy Seals, Army Rangers, etc). Marine Sgt. Adam Banotai explains,

“It is political semantics. We are calling them adviser now … instead of combat troops or boots on the ground. They are the most elite fighters we have. So, if they aren’t going to be combat troops, I’m not quite sure who the President is going to refer to as combat troops.”

All the mean time Obama reassured the American people that we will not be engaging in warfare. Then at the beginning of this week, August 10th, the United States starts engaging in air strikes. This decision has been greatly debated in our government and  media. It appears that there are only two sides to the story. One side is with the Old Republican base claiming that we must do more. We must send our troops back to Iraq and destroy ISIS. The second opinion is from the democrats that say that we should do limited air strikes. The Old Republicans and top defense officials claim that these air strikes will not stop the overall capability of ISIS. Yet, we lack the third option of not being involved at all.

The United States military was created to defend our country. Our country is not being invaded. Our citizens are not being targeted. Nor does this have anything to do with our national interest. Many people have twisted the truth to defend imperialism by claiming that if we do not get involved we will have another 9/11. This is the best example of fear mongering, they are appealing to people’s fear instead of their reason. 9/11 was blowback for the decades of interventionalism in the Middle East. Before the United States got involved with the Middle East there had never been a terrorist attack in the United States. The United States has the greatest military that the world has ever seen. When these Islamic extremist see our force they know that they cannot beat them in a head to head battle, so they resort to terrorism, because it is easy to control people through fear.

These Islamic extremists are fighting battles and wars that have been waged for centuries. We cannot go over to the Middle East and solve all their problems. Annihilate all their crime. What we can do is let them resolve their issues themselves. If we simply look at Syria and our involvement we can see how good intentions can lead to the greater atrocities. If we had not armed ISIS in Syria then they might not have been successful and used those weapons on innocent people in Iraq. Our intervention has only lead to more deaths. To stop this we must remove our presence from the Middle East.

This idea of non-interventionism is new to Americans in this era. We have grown up being taught in public schools that America solved the World Wars. We liberated the people in Korea. We learn little of Vietnam. The facts are that we do not need to be involved in the world of wars. We need to be a beacon of hope for the world. Our country should be the one that stands out to the rest of the world as a country at peace. Currently we are known as a country of violence and it is easy to hate violence. I petition the people of America to join the cause of peace. To end the practice of Imperialism and start practicing the theory of which this country was founded, protecting the rights of people.