Numbers, economics, and debt can all be rather boring. Instead people are more likely to respond to debt ceiling, fiscal cliff, and economic terrorist. Little drastic? Well that is what happens when we mix government with media. Currently, the United States is $17 trillion in debt! Can you imagine a trillion of anything? That number is astronomical. Some fun facts: If you spent $5 million a day it would take 546 years till you spent a trillion, if you made $75 million a year it would take 14,000 years till you would make a trillion dollars. Basically our country’s debt is a large number that is growing every second.

Where does the debt come from?

Debt is simple. It comes when a person or persons spends more than they bring in. Last year the US government made $2.9 trillion in taxes, but spent $3.8 trillion. This causes debt. Debt can be good if you are starting a company, because you need to invest. Debt is bad when you have spent too much and are not making any money. But what happens when a entity, government, spends too much? It hurts the economy. (For more technical reasons why it hurts see The Many Real Dangers of Soaring National Debt)

Who do we owe this money to?

When the average Joe is spending more than he makes he goes to a bank and asks for some money. That bank will loan him money and then Joe has to pay it back plus interest. Make sense? So who is America borrowing from? Mostly itself, 66% of the US debt is held by the Federal Reserve (FED), Social Security, and banks (source). The FED is literally a privately owned, unsupervised printing press. Pull out a dollar and above the president’s head you will see Federal Reserve Note. They literally just print money out of thin air then demand that the American people pay them back. When they print this money it devalues your money.

I know economics sucks so let’s talk baseball cards. If I had a baseball card that was really rare it would be worth $200. Everyone wants my card so it makes it worth a lot. Jimbo down the street gets a wise idea and thinks that everyone should have my card, but instead of stealing it, he prints it. Jimbo buys a printing press and prints my card. Tons of them! Hands them out to anyone that wants one. Now my card is basically worthless. This is how inflation works. This is what the FED has been doing to our country for a 100 years. Below is a picture of the value of our dollar since the FED was created.

What is the debt ceiling?

Basically, the debt ceiling is a distraction. It is the “cap” that the government is allowed to spend. Technically there are ways around the debt ceiling, but congress has never denied raising the debt ceiling. It is also important to note that we and Denmark are the only countries in the world that have a debt ceiling.

What are they distracting us from?

Our congress is distracting us from the bigger picture. First, we are not getting anywhere close to balancing our budget. If the government cut every single program and raised taxes by 10% we would have the debt paid off in one year. Obviously, that is ridiculous, because we would never be that lucky to cut that much government. Second, they are distracting us from bigger issues such as the devaluing of our dollar by the Federal Reserve. Third, it divides the nation. Democrats say we should raise it and Republicans say we should cut, cap, and balance (this was flipped when Bush was president). The saying goes, “divide and conquer”. Most Americans agree about the NSA’s overreach, the Benghazi cover-up and bringing home our troops. These are things that we agree on yet our congressmen rarely address.

What is the Joke? I don’t see anything funny!

Your right nothing is funny when the joke is on us. We, the American people, have been screwed! We are taxed too high while big corporations are given huge tax breaks. The Federal Reserve is printing money every day that devalues our savings. Our government, both sides or should I say the one side, are deceiving us from the real issues which are that our rights are being trampled on, our government is listening, watching, and recording everything we do electronically, and sending our brothers and sisters into endless war. This has got to stop and the way that it stops is by being informed and standing united. We need to waken up to the reality that our leaders are laughing at us.