If freedom is what you seek then the conservative party sounds like a better option when compared to socialist liberals. Conservatives believe in small government by reduced taxes, cuts in spending, decreased regulations, and they fight hard for religious and gun rights. All of these have strong roots in liberty. Allowing the people to choose their religion that they want while defending their homes and business with their guns. They have even fought for the government to get out of healthcare. Liberals on the other hand demand higher regulations, increased taxes for the upper class, and gun control. How could one say that conservatives are more dangerous to the cause of freedom? It is simple: Conservatives are hypocrites.

Conservatives are hypocrites, because their principles that they stand on shift depending on what issue they are talking about. One of the most common issues that conservatives talk about are spending cuts. It is true that our country needs spending cuts. The latest budget that was past was for $1.1 trillion dollars. The United States is already in debt $18 trillion . All conservatives complain that we spend too much, but what they want to change is little compared to our debt. They will not touch the department of government that spends $615 billion a year. The military takes up almost 60% of our budget. To say that there is literally no waste is the military is as foolish as liberals saying that there is no waste in welfare. We currently have our troops in 130 countries with 900 bases. Clearly, this is not financially responsible, and yet  conservatives will not agree with military cuts.



Along with the issue of military we have the current hot topic of torture done by the CIA. A report recently came out from a democrat that the CIA has been torturing people. Conservatives in general have been vocal about their support for torturing terrorist. As seen by the meme below that has been making its rounds on social networks.


Though this has not always been a conservative value. Ronald Reagan said, “Governments that must answer to their peoples do not launch wars of aggression. That’s why the American people cannot close their eyes to abuses of human rights and injustice, whether they occur among friend or adversary or even on our own shores.” It should also be noted that from that report there 1/4 of the people detained and torture were innocent. Small governments are not allowed to torture people, let alone people who have not be given a trial of their peers.

On the subject of CIA abuses we can look at the abuses of police officers in enforcing gun and tax laws. There have been three major stories in the news about police using lethal forces against citizens. In all three conservatives, in general, have favored the cops. Everyone can agree that there is a lack of evidence in the Mike Brown case.

The other two have clear video evidence. In the case of Eric Garner, he was selling cigarettes on the street. He was selling a product with no taxes and no regulation. Sounds conservative! Yet, the conservative populations defends the cop who enforces these rules. They say that the man should have followed the law! Clearly, by calling themselves the Tea Party and claiming the heroes of the revolutionary war they do not agree that immoral laws should be followed. The original Tea Party destroyed private property of the East India Company as an act of protest to increased taxes. In the revolutionary war the founding fathers literally killed law enforcers of their time. It is clear that today we are being exponentially more oppressed than they were pre-revolutionary war (higher taxes, more regulation, no privacy, and greater law enforcement violence), yet where are the conservative support to people standing up to the tyranny?

The final shooting that has been in the news is the murder of 12 year Tamir Rice. He was sitting in a park playing with a BB gun when police officer came up and shot him (VIDEO). As seen in the video the police officer shoots the child in a literal second that he sees the kid. His justification for shooting the kid was that he had a gun. In America we have a constitution and in that constitution it states that we the people have the right to keep and bare arms. Owning a gun or walking around with a gun is not justification for killing us. Let alone our children. Conservatives should be defending Rice for gun rights and Garner for tax and regulation reduction.

Along with supporting cops who kill people for having guns and not abiding by overbearing regulations, conservatives also support high cost and overbearing regulations on drugs. The drug war was started by the Republican, Richard Nixon. After 40 years, it has cost the American taxpayer $1 trillion dollars. This year we will be looking at spending over $40 billion on enforcing drug laws. The American taxpayer is paying for the food, healthcare, and recreational activities of 1.6 million of people per year that are arrested for drug crimes. What is a drug crime? Selling or consuming a product. People are literally being thrown in jail for hurting their own bodies. We don’t have to enforce laws for them to have consequences, the drugs will do that for them. Small governments do NOT regulate what we put into our own body.

Another common cry that is heard from conservatives is about religious freedom. The latest fight that they won was over Hobby Lobby paying for birth control. It is important that there be freedom between employees and employers. Yet, freedom of religion can become more personal than that. Freedom of religion means that a person is allowed to freely worship and express their religion as they see fit as long as they are not violating anyone else’s rights. If a particular religious or non-religious person defines marriage in a differently than it should be defended as an expression of freedom. This does not mean that a Christian has to agree with homosexuality it simply means that a Christian does not use the law to enforce their beliefs. Conservatives being for small government should either not allow the government to define marriage at all or they should fight for religious expression to be defended by the law.

One could argue that between conservatives and liberals, conservatives are more freedom based, but it is not true. That is why they are more dangerous than liberals. They mask themselves as being the people who want freedom. The people who say, “Don’t tread on me”. Yet, they hide behind big government just as much as liberals. They believe in using government to enforce their own beliefs. When it comes to marriage they want laws defending their beliefs. Gun rights are thrown out the door once police start enforcing gun control. Taxes and regulations are defended as long as they defend their business, but if someone else might profit from deregulation or reduced taxes then forget about it. Government is nothing without police and military and yet when fighting to reduce the size of government conservatives want to actually grow the police state. The insanity of it all is enough to drive someone crazy. A conservative who wants small government should fight for the rights of people to marry who they want, own whatever gun they want, grow whatever plant they want, and keep all the money they make without having government using police and military to restrict these activities.